UPDATED: 7/31/17


The Team Lead is responsible for performing all the duties of a Lot Agent in addition to supervisory duties. Supervisory functions include hardware and supplies management, team scheduling, new-hire training and other supervisory duties as required. The Team Lead also serves as the on-site contact / liaison for company clients. This position reports to the company Area Manager or other designated company representative.


  1. Ensure adequate supplies of marketing collateral, printer paper and quote envelopes are maintained and accessible to all Lot Agents prior to each shift.
  2. Ensure mobile device(s) and printer(s) are maintained in good working condition and are fully-charged prior to starting each shift.
  3. Assign mobile device and printer to each Lot Agent at beginning of each shift, and if required, ensure all devices are collected and secured prior to end of each shift.
  4. Maintain and coordinate team schedules and assign individual Lot Agents to designated parking areas at the beginning of each shift.
  5. Verify and report on Lot Agent hours worked.
  6. Train new hires on Lot Agent duties.
  7. Communicate and ensure compliance with company policies and procedures.
  8. Maintain regular communication with designated company representatives regarding all aspects of field operations.

In addition to the duties described above, the Team Lead performs the following Lot Agent duties:

  1. Patrol company designated parking lots, inspecting every vehicle for glass damage (chipped, cracked or broken windows).
  2. Issue glass replacement/repair quotes for qualifying vehicles using company-owned handheld device and wireless printer.
  3. Ensure that assigned mobile device(s) and printer(s) are maintained in good working condition and are fully-charged prior to starting each shift.
  4. Consistently meet or exceed targets for quote issuance.
  5. Maintain professional appearance, wearing company provided uniform , waist pack and safety vest at all times while on duty.


  1. High school diploma or GED.
  2. Familiarity with Android-based smartphones and bluetooth pairing.
  3. Detail-oriented. Must have the ability to thoroughly inspect vehicles for glass damage and accurately input vehicle and pricing information into the ShieldSaver application.
  4. Basic customer service skills
  5. Must be in good health and possess the physical ability to be outdoors and on foot for extended periods of time.
  6. Must comply with all company standards related to appearance and conduct.
  7. Contract position.
  8. Paid training provided.
  9. Drug Screen and Background check required.

Please email john@shieldsaver.com your resume to apply.

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